Nov 26

Dunedin Parking Lot Accident Kills Pedestrian

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Pedestrian accidents happen too often in parking lots. Sadly, just this week, an 82-year-old woman was hit and killed while walking through the parking lot of Mediterranean Manor at 2700 Bayshore Blvd in Dunedin, Florida. According to reports, a truck backed out and ran over her. The woman died at the scene.

With Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season beginning, parking lots are going to be packed. To avoid parking lot car accidents or pedestrian accidents, here are a few tips:

  • When backing out of a space, you must not only be aware of the clearances between your vehicle and the other vehicles to either side, but you must also be aware of cars and pedestrians that might drive or walk into your line of travel.
  • Don’t depend on your horn, the other driver might not react quick enough to avoid hitting your car. The best deterrent to a parking lot accident would be awareness and preparedness.
  • Never speed in a lot- hitting another car or a pedestrian is never worth gaining a few seconds or a good parking space.
  • Don’t divert all your attention to finding a spot. Focus on drivers and pedestrians that might cross your path as you look for an open spot. This could avoid a car accident or hitting a pedestrian.
  • Choose a parking space that’s far away from the entrance or exit. By doing so, you’re less exposed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  • Don’t ignore courtesy rules. Although traffic laws may not exist in all parking areas, but all drivers and pedestrians need to use common sense and act reasonably to avoid a car accident in a parking lot.

Drive and walk safely in parking lots this Black Friday and other days, but watch out for those who don’t. Rushing to get the closest parking is not worth risking getting involved in a car accident or hitting a pedestrian.


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