Jun 15

Earning Wages While on Social Security Disability?

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Social Security Disability benefits will likely not be enough money to solely support a disabled person. Thus, the disabled person may need additional income to survive. However, does this result in losing Social Security Disability benefits?

The simple answer is “not necessarily.” The Social Security Administration will allow both claimants for benefits, as well as recipients of social security or SSI benefits, to work and receive their benefits as long as their monthly earned income does not exceed what SSA has determined as being substantial gainful activity (s.g.a.).

Provided their medical evidence supports an approval of social security disability benefits, a disabled person on SSD can earn $1,000.00 without risk of losing social security disability benefits. Different amounts apply to people who are disabled because of blindness. The monthly substantial amount for statutorily blind individuals for 2010 is $1,640. However, claimants must bear in mind that this earnings threshold is based on gross income, not net.

This being said, it is probably not wise to work while you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Even though they are not earning in excess of the social security administration’s earnings limit (SGA), the mere fact that work is being engaged in may influence the attitude an adjudicator (a disability examiner or a disability judge) develops about their claim as it is being considered.

If you have questions regarding your Social Security Disability claim, contact Attorney Matthew Noyes. We may be able to help you get the SSD benefits you are entitled to.

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