Feb 16

Even NFL Players Have to Fight to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Workers’ compensation benefits are not just for the construction worker who herniates a disc while lifting a heavy item or the nurse that hurts her back while caring for a patient. Even NFL players who get hurt at work may have a workers’ compensation claim. However, just like the construction worker, nurse, a/c technician or other hard-working worker who gets hurts and tries to get workers’ compensation benefits, some NFL players have to fight to get workers’ compensation benefits.

Click here to read how the Miami Dolphins are contesting a workers’ compensation claim filed by one of their players.

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  1. Allan Kenan 14 Aug 2012 | reply

    The teams in this sport should compensate their players, because of the fact that this sport is very physical, and there is a high risk that players will get injured. Even though these players can pay the treatments for their injuries, their teams and the league should still be liable for it.

  2. Charla Mcguyer 6 Feb 2012 | reply

    Players of any kind of contact sport should know their rights as regards worker’s compensation benefits. The potential for injury is high for people engaging in these kinds of sports. In addition to safety gear, it is also a good idea to invest in some form of insurance to protect them against any eventuality.

  3. Alecia Longsworth 28 Oct 2011 | reply

    They have to fight for their benefits, despite the fact that they’re famous football players. American football is a very dangerous sport, even with the heavy safety gear. That is why they should also receive benefits and insurances. That way, they won’t have any problems if they get injured.

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