Jul 30

Fatal Bicycle Accident in Pasco Reminds Us to Watch Out for Bicyclists

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A Pasco bicyclist was hit by a car and thrown onto the car’s windshield and then thrown to the ground. Sadly, the bicyclist died.

Preliminary information indicates that the 21-year-old driver was driving south on CR-587 Moon Lake Road. The bicyclist was riding south on the same road. The driver reportedly failed to see the bicyclist and hit the rear of the bicycle, causing it to overturn. The bicyclist was ejected onto the car’s windshield, then thrown forward into the northbound lane of CR 587.

This accident is a reminder that all drivers need to be alert for bicyclists. Drivers of cars need to look ahead for bicyclists and take steps to avoid an accident. Bicyclists need to wear bright color clothing, have reflectors and lights on their bikes, and obey bicycle laws. Florida state law says that a bicyclist must ride as far to the right as practicable. It does NOT say as far to the right as possible. Practicable means capable of being done within the means and circumstances present. A cyclist should maintain no less than 2 feet of clearance from the edge of usable pavement to have room to maneuver around obstructions and to be more visible to crossing traffic. Thus, bicyclists will be in the road and they are permitted to be there.

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  1. I truly agree with you that Drive and ride safely. Bicyclist must have to be more visible to crossing traffic.

  2. Garage Equipment 19 Nov 2011 | reply

    I think bike riders must all read about this. I’ll keep visiting for more of your posts.

  3. Ethan Rehman 12 Aug 2011 | reply

    That’s very sad news. I also heard of this incident where a bicyclist was seriously injured when he slammed on the open door of a parked car. As someone who loves riding bikes, I make sure precautions are taken whenever I hit the streets on my two-wheeler. But, as this incident shows us, drivers must also pay close attention to bikers. Riders have limited protection against serious accidents like this one.

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