Jun 4

Fatal Car Accident Reminds Us of What to Do When Your Car Begins to Spin

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A car crash on State Road 54 in Wesley Chapel leaves one woman dead and three others injured. According to reports, Kristen M. Myers was going west on the road at about 5:15 p.m. when she tried to pass slower-moving traffic. As she did that, her 1998 Pontiac Trans Am went into the eastbound lane and Myers lost control, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Myers over-corrected and started spinning into the path of a 2006 Chevy SUV that was eastbound. The two vehicles collided, and Myers was partially ejected, officials said. She died of her injuries.

The driver of the SUV, 39-year-old Marcia L Sanchez of Wesley Chapel, was in critical condition Thursday, officials said. Her two passengers, Raymond Sanchez, 15 and Megan Sanchez, 13, were seriously injured, the FHP said.

This car accident provides an opportunity for a refresher course on what to do when you feel that you are losing control of your vehicle. The instinct is to try to swerve back onto the road. However, the right response is to lift off the accelerator and gently straighten up your car and scan ahead for obstacles. According to experts, if you swerve back right away, you will likely overcorrect, careen across the road, and lose control.

When your vehicle starts to skid, you should NOT slam your foot down on the brakes. Applying the brakes quickly will only cause your vehicle to skid faster. It will also make you unable to steer the vehicle because your front wheels will lock. The main thing to remember in a skid is to keep calm and not overreact.

When your vehicle starts to skid, you should first keep your feet off the accelerator and brakes until you have regained the ability to steer the vehicle. Only then should you begin to apply the brakes – very carefully. Do not use them unless it is necessary.

Remember these tips now to use if you are ever in an emergency situations. These tips can prevent a car accident and/or more serious injuries from an automobile accident. Florida roads are dangerous so drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.

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