Feb 11

Finally, Real Work Comp Fraud Arrests!!



I’m tired of hearing everyone say injured workers are committing so much workers’ compensation fraud. That people who are on workers’ compensation are faking and reaping the benefits. What benefits?? Do they even know what little benefits an injured worker in Florida is entitled to.

I agree there is fraud in workers’ compensation cases. The problem is that general public believes it is the injured workers committing the fraud. That simply is false. Studies that show that only 1% to 2% of all workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. So where is this fraud I speak of? You don’t have to look any further than Miami, Florida.

Last week, a 21-count federal grand jury indictment was filed against three people for workers’ compensation fraud–and it was NOT against injured workers. The indictment was entered against two employees at South Florida insurance brokerages and an accountant for allegedly providing falsified workers’ compensation insurance certificates to more than 300 Florida construction contractors.

“We are seeing this type of activity throughout South Florida and the State of Florida,” said Jeff Himmel, assistant special agent in charge of labor racketeering and fraud investigations.

The scheme resulted in hundreds of workers not being covered by workers’ compensation benefits if they got hurt or even killed on the job.

Next time you hear someone talk about people faking while being on workers’ compensation, remember the studies proving that false. Also, remember that I see more fraud by employers and insurance companies than the injured workers.

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