Dec 19

Five Ways to Avoid a Car Accident this Holiday Season

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Driving over the river and through the woods can be fun, but take steps to avoid a car accident. An estimated 93.3 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more for the holidays. Because you can’t count on them to be as cautious as you, here are a few tips from the that could keep you and your family out of an automobile accident this holiday season:

  1. Aim High In Steering – Don’t just look at the car in front of you. Look through windshield to see what they see. Look as far down the road as possible. This helps you keep the car centered in the lane and allows you more time to monitor your position in traffic and the activity going on around you.
  2. Get The Big Picture – Avoid rear-ending the car in front of yours by maintaining the proper following distance so you can comfortably determine the true hazards around your vehicle. By not tailgating and maintaining at least … seconds of distance between you and the driver ahead, you also help prevent traffic jams. Also, you will be able to change lanes safely.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving – Scan, don’t stare. Constantly shift your eyes while driving. Active eyes keep up with changing traffic conditions. Look for cars on side streets–focus on their tires to make sure they are not moving. Watch the bicyclist and pedestrians as you approach them. Keep an eye out for others because they may not be keeping an eye out for you.
  4. Leave Yourself An Out – Be prepared. Surround your vehicle with space in front and at least on one side to escape conflict. Don’t put yourself in a trap where a collision is unavoidable because you have nowhere to go.
  5. Make Sure Other Drivers See You – Communicate in traffic with your horn, lights and signals to establish eye contact. Don’t drive in other vehicles’ blind spot.

Taking these few steps could prevent your Christmas from being dampened by a car crash. Drive safely and jolly, but watch out for those who don’t.


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    Driving car is not so easy specially in holiday season as all will be trying to rush their their cars.But we should be focused on our driving so that we avoid accident.We should have focus on the steering,we should visible to others,always looking to every where.

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