Aug 28

Move Over Law – Looks Like Someone Needs a Refresher Course


Move Over! After a St. Petersburg Police Officer was recently injured after her patrol vehicle was crashed into, it may be good to refresh Florida drivers on the Move Over law.

Move Over law requires you to move when you see theseAccording to ABC Action News, a St. Petersburg officer had to be extricated from her patrol car after another driver hit it on Monday night. The patrol officer was assisting the St. Petersburg Fire Department and Duke Energy while they repaired some downed power lines. The police officer was inside her parked patrol car with her lights activated at Melrose Ave S. and 31st Street to divert traffic. A driver of a Lexus sedan crashed into the parked patrol car. The police officer was hospitalized in stable condition.

Florida law requires you to move over a lane when you can safely do so. If you can’t move over or when on a two-lane road, you are required to slow to a speed that is 20 mph less than the posted speed limit. If the posted speed limit is 20 mph or less, drivers are required to slow down to 5 miles per hour.

When you fail to obey the Move Over law, you put yourself and others at risk. Violating the Move Over law will result in a fine, fees, and points on your driving record.

The Move Over law does not only pertain to law enforcement vehicles. The law pertains to (a) an authorized emergency vehicle displaying any visual signals; (2) a sanitation vehicle performing a task related to the provision of sanitation services on the roadside; (3) a utility service vehicle performing a task related to the provision of utility services on the roadside; or (4) or a wrecker displaying amber rotating or flashing lights performing a recovery or loading on the roadside.

Drive safely, follow the Move Over law, and watch out for those who don’t.


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