May 9

Florida PIP and Work Comp Laws Stay the Same This Year


Work Comp lawThe Florida legislative session ended last week with no changes to the laws pertaining to Florida PIP (Personal Injury Protection) car insurance or Florida work comp law.

Despite much talk about changes (see prior post about proposed changes to PIP and post about work comp battle), the Legislature was unable to agree on any law. As a result, Florida PIP law will remain intact and there will be no mandatory bodily injury liability coverage and there will be no changes to the Florida work comp law.

According to, critics said the work comp law died because the limit on attorney fees in the House bill could prevent injured workers from having adequate legal representation in disputes with insurance companies. “The House bill will absolutely restrict the access to courts,” said Rep. Sean Shaw, a Tampa Democrat who is a former state insurance consumer advocate. In addition to the attorneys fee issue, senators could not agree with the House’s proposals to cut reimbursements to hospitals that provide outpatient treatment to injured workers.

Also, despite the 89 to 29 House vote earlier this session to repeal Florida’s Personal Injury Protection car insurance, the bill never got to the Senate floor. So, it looks like we will have PIP coverage for another year and continue to allow driver to drive without bodily injury insurance – the continued reason why uninsured motorist coverage is so important to have.

A lot of talk and little final result – sounds like typical government action to me.


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