Oct 13

That Is, In A Word, Bull . . .


Florida workers compensation claim deniedThat’s not my quote, but rather a quote from Tampa Bay Times’ reporter John Romano on big business and insurance carriers’ arguments regarding the Florida workers compensation law. I admit, as a Claimant’s workers compensation attorney fighting work comp carriers daily, I am a bit biased and jaded towards the injustices injured workers are stuck with in Florida’s workers compensation law. So, I won’t use my words, but will strongly recommend that you read Mr. Romano’s article on Florida’s work comp law. Here are a few more of his words (not those of a work comp attorney) from the article:

. . . the chamber is trying to paint it as a judicial cash grab at the expense of Florida businesses.

. . . [t]he average worker has no hope of fighting an insurance company that wants to deny medical bills or back pay in case of injury.

. . . you are essentially at the mercy of insurance carriers to treat you fairly.

. . . [t]he insurance industry’s own expert witness testified before the justices that he has never heard of a case of an individual prevailing in court without being represented by an attorney.

. . . we’re supposed to believe the attorneys are the greedy ones?

. . . [t]he argument is on behalf of the employee getting steamrolled by insurance carriers who have never before had reason to fear Mr. or Mrs. Blue Collar taking them to court.

. . . .Instead of acknowledging the obvious system flaws being pointed out by the Supreme Court, they use scare tactics to point the blame at lawyers.

. . . It’s only your attorneys they want to discourage with a fee cap.

. . . Why was the insurance company wrongfully bullying a worker over an $800 medical bill in the first place? Answer: Because, up until now, it could.

Again, not my words as a workers’ compensation attorney (albeit I agree 100%). I strongly encourage you to read the entire article and form your own opinion.


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