Apr 26

Florida Workers Compensation Law Changes – My Soapbox


soapbox on Florida workers compensation law Florida workers compensation law may be changing if some Florida legislators get their way.

Last week, the Florida House of Representative passed a bill that will change present Florida workers compensation law. The Florida Senate Rules Committee approved a work comp bill which is now ready to go to the full Senate. Each bill could have detrimental impact on the injured workers in Florida and their ability to get the same legal representation that the workers compensation carriers get.

Rep. Danny Burgess from Zephyrhills is leading the House bill and opening admits what the goal of his bill is. “What we’re trying to do is reduce attorney involvement in the system,” he says according to the Tampa Bay Times. Representative Burgess, the way to reduce attorney involvement in the Florida workers compensation system is to make sure that benefits are provided by the carrier! Does Representative Burgess not know that under Florida workers compensation law, the workers’ compensation carrier does not have to pay the injured worker’s attorney a fee unless they deny a benefit that is later provided? Does he not know that the workers compensation carrier has thirty days from the date the benefit is requested to decide whether or not to pay it before being exposed to having to pay attorneys’ fees?

I am sure that Representative Burgess supports Shakespeare’s line of ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” He probably does not know that this line was a compliment to lawyers because it was stated by Dick the Butcher in ”Henry VI” who thought that if he disturbed law and order, he could become king.

To further show how out of touch these legislators are about the reality of Florida workers compensation law, Rep. Bobby Payne, R-Palatka, blamed most injuries on employees. “I would submit that 80 percent or more of the employees injured are injured under their own volition, because they are not following safety rules and regulations,” he said according to the Tampa Bay Times. Representative Payne, come tell my workers compensation clients that they were injured under their own volition. I think you may be surprised what you find out if you listen to injured workers.

I appreciate that there is fraud in workers compensation, but the amount of fraud is overinflated by interested parties who wish to benefit themselves and their constituents despite what the actual facts are.

Stay tuned to find out to what extent Tallahassee was able to manipulate Florida workers compensation law.


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