Jan 25

Florida Governor Acknowledges Problem With Insurance Companies


Insurance Companies, Enough is Enough!!

Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist said something my clients and I have been saying for years if not decades–we are tired of funding insurance companies’ record profits!!

“Let me remind you where we’re coming from. This insurance industry this past year has enjoyed a $60 billion profit. $60 billion,” Crist said, rapping his finger on the podium for emphasis. “And I’ve seen estimates where $3 billion of that money has been made on the backs of Floridians. And they’re tired of it. And so am I. Nobody got a refund when we didn’t have a storm.”

We hear about an “insurance crisis” in the news. If 60 billion dollars profit in one year is a “crisis,” how do you label the the car accident victim who cannot work because of injuries caused by the negligence of another and who’s family may lose their house and everything they worked so hard for? How do you label the injured worker who was living paycheck to paycheck when he got hurt and now has to live in his car because the workers’ compensation carrier refuses to pay wage benefits that are due and owing him?

When you hear about a supposed “insurance crisis,” think of one number –$60,000,000,000 and then think of the thousand of families that suffer because the insurance companies put profit over proper evaluation of a claim. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re not hurt in a car accident or work injury, you are not entitled to compensation. However, in my practice, I see too many tragic situations of people’s lives being put in a tailspin after an injury and the insurance companies do nothing for fulfill their obligation to properly compensate for the injuries or pay the workers’ compensation benefits that are due.

Florida Governor Crist is right–nobody got a refund when we didn’t have a storm. He also needs to know that too many times, when someone’s life is weathered because of a storm of a car accident or work injury, the insurance companies continue to put profit over people.

If the insurance companies are putting their profit over just compensation to you following a Florida car accident or work injury, click here for free legal information.

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