Feb 7

Florida Should Require Bodily Injury Liaiblity Insurance



Did you know that Florida is one of a very small number of states that do not require drivers to carry some minimum level of bodily injury coverage? This means that the person injured in a Florida car accident may have no recourse for payment of his medical expenses, lost wages or pain and suffering.

If you are injured in a Florida car accident due to the fault of other driver, you have the right to expect that those at fault will be responsible for your injuries. requiring drivers in Florida to carry bodily injury insurance will ensure that those who cause the injury are held responsible, not the innocent victim of a car accident.

If the person who caused the injuries does not have insurance, who pays? The answer is you and me. Florida taxpayers pay million of dollars each year to Medicaid for care for car accident victims injured by at-fault negligent driver who don’t carry bodily injury liability coverage. Also, Florida trauma centers and hospital must absorb much of the costs for treating uninsured car accident victims whose care would otherwise be paid for by the at-fault drivers who injured them.

By requiring drivers to carry a minimal amount of Bodily Injury coverage, Florida’s legislators could send a message that Florida’s families are more important than Fords. Also, the legislation would save Florida car owners an average of 31% on their uninsured motorist coverage. Further, it would save Florida taxpayers and trauma centers millions of dollars.

Contact your Legislator and tell them that you demand each driver carry mandatory bodily injury liability coverage. Until then, make sure that you have adequate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in case you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

If you have been injured in a Florida car accident, it is important that you discuss your rights with an attorney who handles personal injury matters. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has been representing those injured in Florida car accidents for over 52 years. To Contact Attorney Matthew Noyes to Discuss Your Florida Car Accident, Simply Click Here.

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