Mar 20

Florida’s Work Comp Law Has To Change



Advocates for injured workers in Florida took their frustrations about Florida Workers’ Compensation law to Tallahassee yesterday. The group, led by Voices, Inc., rallied at the Florida Supreme Court and the First District Court of Appeal as well as lawmakers to try to get the laws changed to protect injured workers.

As the present law stands, it is economically better to deny less-expensive benefits to injured workers than to provide them because the law makes it nearly impossible for an injured worker to find an attorney to fight the case. For example, if the insurance company wrongfully decides not pay $1,000.00 in wages to an injured worker, the law states that the injured worker’s attorney could only be paid $200.00 for hours of work to get the carrier to pay the $1,000.00 due and owing. As a result, many injured workers are not getting the benefits they are entitled to and have no ability to hire an attorney to fight the battle for them.

“Right now, there’s more money being spent trying to prove there is nothing wrong with the injured workers than there is on fixing them and getting them back to work,” says the president of Voices, Inc. I can’t agree more–it is ridiculous how insurance company deny benefits due injured workers and then spent thousands to fight about it when a few hundred dollars of benefits could get the injured worker back to work.

Voices, Inc. is a good organization for Florida injured workers. I strongly recommend that you view their website,, and see how this organization battles for the injured workers of Florida. Also, get involved with them to let the public know the injustices injured workers face everyday.

If you have been injured at work in Florida, it is important that you consult with an attorney about your workers’ compensation claim. My law firm has been representing those injured in Florida work comp claims for over 52 years. To get more information relating to your Florida work comp claim, simply click here.

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