Mar 16

Four Motorcyclists Killed in One Car Accident

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A Saturday motorcycle ride with friends ends with four being killed in a car accident.

Killed in the motorcycle crash were William Barker of Stuart and his passenger, Patrice Poole of Mount Dora and John Holmes of Beverly Hills, Florida and his passenger, Patricia Beihayn of Hernando, Florida.

According to the Highway Patrol, a driver was driving his 1991 GMC pickup west on CR 476 and was passing another vehicle when he realized the oncoming motorcycles were closer than he thought. Unable to slow in time, the driver struck both motorcycles causing all four riders to be ejected off their bikes. One was thrown into the windshield of the vehicle the driver was trying to pass. reports that state records show that truck’s driver’s license was under suspension at the time of the accident.

This is a tragic accident that impacts these 4 motorcyclists’ families and friends. It should serve as a reminder to all of us of the dangers of passing vehicles. It also shows us that automobiles cause motorcycle accident–not just motorcyclists.

This tragedy should also serve as a reminder of the need for uninsured motorist coverage. What are the chances this driver, with a suspended driver’s license, carried adequate insurance coverage to compensate the motorcyclists’ families for their lost? Slim, I bet!

Motorcyclists, you cannot get Personal Injury Protection coverage for Florida car accidents, but you can and should get uninsured motorist coverage. The injuries cause from a motorcycle accident can be far worse than those from a standard car accident. Protect yourself and your family with uninsured motorist coverage.

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  1. Paul 27 Sep 2013 | reply

    Florida, one of the busiest cities of America is mainly popular for accidents and due to this they are more interested in knowing the safety rules regarding the accidents. Around four people were killed in one car accident in Florida. It is a shocking incident which took place in Florida and due to this all this situation took place.

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