Dec 28

Getting You and Your Car Home Safely Without Driving Impaired

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Drunk drivers cause serious and sometimes fatal car accidents. Do you know someone who may have too much to drink this New Year’s weekend, but will still want to drive home because they don’t want to leave their car? There is a way to get them AND their car home FREE of charge–AAA/Budweiser’s Tow-to-Go program.

A simple call to 1-800-AAA-HELP will get an AAA tow truck to take an impaired driver and his vehicle safely home. The service is completely FREE and open to both AAA members and non-members and is 100% confidential.

Last year, AAA received 2,400 calls for their Tow-to-Go program. Since 1998, the “Tow to Go” program has safely removed more than 13,600 drunk drivers from the roads.

Protect you or your friend or family member by putting this telephone number in their cell phone now. This way, you won’t have to worry about the number when you need it.

Celebrate safely this New Year’s weekend, but watch out for those who don’t.


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  1. Ethan Rehman 17 Jan 2012 | reply

    The moment I read this, I immediately saved the number on my phone. Thanks! This can spare us from getting into an accident. This program is a help in minimizing drunk-driving caused accidents.

  2. Tari Ledsome 6 Jan 2012 | reply

    Yes, I know someone, and he’s very capable of hurting himself that night, LOL. Good thing he arrived safely. He texted me just before that, and I saved the number, just in case. True, no matter how careful and how slow you are, if the one behind you or in front of you is troublesome, you better back off, LOL.

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