Jul 18

Guest Columnist – Brandi Brooks


Below is this week’s article from Brandi Brooks–our firm’s summer intern who is experiencing the hectic life of a personal injury attorney. Brandi is a local high school student who has given up her summer break to intern in our Clearwater personal injury law office through the Clearwater Bar Association Student Legal Intern Program. One of her assignments is to research and write about an issue that she feels would be interesting to other teenagers. I believe we only have one more guest article after this one before Brandi regains her summer break. Another masterpiece, Brandi!! Thank you!


“Call 911!” …and then what? Most of us don’t know what to do after witnessing an accident or are too startled to think of something quickly enough in order to be of any assistance.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The first thing, of course, is to remain calm and call 911 to report the accident (If you don’t have a cell phone, ask someone near by or hurry to the nearest residence and ask them to call 911). Then, try to determine if anyone is injured without putting yourself in danger. Make sure not to move someone if they are injured, but ask if there is anything you can do to make them more comfortable (putting a blanket over them or even sitting with them) until emergency personnel arrive. The next step would be to warn oncoming vehicles by waving your arms to direct traffic past the accident so additional injuries/accidents can be prevented.

It is also very important to stay at the scene until a law enforcement officer says it’s okay to leave. You will most likely be asked to give your name and contact information. If you are involved in the accident, you will be required to provide your automobile insurance card. You may even be required to provide a brief description of what you witnessed. It is also a possibility that you will be contacted at a later time to be a witness in court if legal action is pursued. In this case, write down every detail you can recall while it’s fresh in your mind. Be sure to include the location and as many details as possible such as time, date, weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.

It is very frightening to be involved in a car accident or to witness an accident. Just remember to stay as calm as possible and hope that everything will be okay.

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