Oct 30

Halloween Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents with Ghosts and Goblins


It is Halloween safety tips time again. Yes, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, but that does not reduce the risks. If fact, if may increase the risk of injuries from a car accident or pedestrian accident. AAA ranks Halloween as one of the top three days of the year for Halloween Safety Tipspedestrian accidents and injuries.

Since it falls on a Wednesday, the first Halloween safety tip is to understand that commuters will be driving home from work or school during the same time ghosts and goblins are out trick-or-treating. This makes it even more important to put down the cellphone and remove other distractions as you enter your neighborhood after a hard day of work or school.

Other Halloween safety tips include:

  1. Drive slower through neighborhoods: Driving 5 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit will give drivers extra time to react to children who dart out in front of a vehicle.
  2. Turn headlights on: Turning on headlights will make vehicles more visible, even in the daylight.
  3. Of course, drive sober: According to AAA, nearly 40 percent of fatal crashes on Halloween night involve a drunken driver. Always designate a sober driver if drinking any alcohol.

The last Halloween safety tip is to remember that AAA and Budweiser offer the Tow to Go program, a free service for both AAA members and non-members that provides safe rides home for those who did not plan ahead. This program, now in its 20th year, provides a free ride home for the driver and his/her car. For more on the Tow and Go program, click here.

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!!


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