May 7

Use of Hazards While Driving in Rain – A Refresher Course


driving in rainThe raining season is swiftly approaching which means driving in rain. Afternoon rain showers will likely result in some Tampa Bay drivers forgetting how to drive in the rain. Before the rain comes, let’s have a refresher course on using hazards/flashers in the rain.

Plain and simple, it is illegal to use hazards/flashers while driving in rain in Florida. Florida Statute 316.2397(7) states that flashing lights are prohibited on vehicles except as a means of indicating a right or left turn, to change lanes, or to indicate that the vehicle is lawfully stopped or disabled upon the highway. Thus, if you are not turning or stopped, the “flashing lights” should not be on. (One caveat – Florida law does state that there is a time when you should use your hazards when driving — if you’re part of a funeral procession.

Some drivers believe using hazard lights while driving in rain makes themselves more visible to other motorists, and therefore safer. However, the Florida Highway Patrol believes otherwise. According to, the FHP explains, turn signals and hazard signals are considered communication devices. Hazard lights alert troopers and other motorists that there’s a crash or broken-down car ahead. When drivers are simply communicating “it’s rainy” it sends the wrong message to other motorists, as well as law enforcement officers.

Also, the hazard lights override your car’s turn signals. Thus, if you are diving in rain and want to turn right or left (or even change lanes), other motorists would not know this because of your hazard lights.

Drive safely while driving in rain and watch out for those you don’t!

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