Apr 2

How Am I Going to Tie Tampa Bay Rays Opening Day to Personal Injury Law?

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Today is Opening Day for the Tampa Bay Rays. A new beginning of a long season with uncertain results. Sure, we are hopeful that we will be successful, but so many things can happen during the season, it is nearly impossible to predict what will happen.

Filing a lawsuit in a personal injury case is much like today. The filing of the Complaint is like the first pitch. It is the beginning of a long litigation season. When we file a lawsuit after a car accident or slip and fall, we are confident that we can beat the opponent and hopeful of a success, but the discovery process can bring unexpected curve balls making it impossible to predict what will happen in front of a jury.

The baseball season is several months of over 100 baseball games. The litigation progress can be several years with several depositions, Request to Produce, motions, mediations, hearings, and eventually a jury trial. During the baseball season, star players sometime hide their weaknesses and injuries until they are revealed at the plate or on the field. During the litigation season, clients sometime hide important information such as prior accidents or complaints which are revealed in the deposition or mediation. Clients can learn one thing from the star players–weaknesses are always uncovered so be honest in the litigation!

Players and fans can get frustrated about the long, sometimes slow-moving baseball season. Clients do the same thing about the litigation process. However, every game in baseball is important and play is often methodical. This is the same thing in litigation. Every pleading filed, any question asked, every answer given, every document produced — are important and presenting it correctly must be done methodically.

So, although I was never on the Rays (or the Cubs), I feel that I play baseball every day in my law practice. Now, the insurance company’s attorney can understand why I say “Play Ball” when a lawsuit has to be filed because they refuse to evaluate a claim appropriately.

Come October, I hope to be writing about how the Tampa Bay Rays being in the World Series is similar to us taking our case to a jury trial. Go Rays!


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