Dec 20

It’s Not Easy Being Santa Claus


A change of pace from my standard blog article … .

It’s been a rough week for Santa Claus.

During a Santa Run in Spokane, Washington, Santa was beaned in the head while waiving to people. No one who did it or with what, but when he woke up, Santa was being attended to in the back of a sleigh. Maybe Santa doesn’t really know who has been good or not. Rumor has it that he was hit by a piece of coal given by Santa last year to a bad boy or girl!!

You think that was bad? In Rio de Janeiro, Santa was delivering presents to children at a party by helicopter. When Santa’s helicopter flew over a town, someone starting shooting at the helicopter. The chopper had to turn around. Don’t worry, Santa was able to make it to the party –by car–and delivered about 700 gifts!!

Watch out for Santa–at least for a few more days. My little boy will be very sad if someone negligently causes him not to be able to deliver his presents!

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