Sep 26

Just What Do These Intersection Cameras Do?


intersection camerasAfter a car accident, my clients often ask us to obtain the footage of the intersection camera where their crash occurred. They are often surprised with the answer I give them – there’s no footage to get from these intersection cameras.

ABC Action News recently reported on these intersection cameras. They confirmed that they are not red light cameras, but rather traffic monitoring cameras are used by counties, cities, law enforcement, and traffic engineers. The cameras provide only a live stream and they’re designed to help with your daily commute. The City of Clearwater has approximately 40 of these traffic monitoring cameras with the majority of them are along Gulf to Bay Blvd., and also up and down U.S. 19.

However, unlike red light cameras, the traffic monitoring cameras do not record. So, even if your car accident occurred right under one of these intersection cameras, there is no footage for us to obtain.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one that believes the intersection camera is something more. According to ABC’s report, the Clearwater Police Department gets phone calls daily from people inquiring about a red light they think they ran or asking to see video footage from a traffic crash they were involved in.

“Those cameras are basically there to monitor the flow of traffic. There are actually sensors under the road on some of them, monitored by the city and the county. If one intersection gets backed up, the sensors can adjust accordingly the timing of the lights,” said Lt. Michael Walek with the Clearwater Police Department.

So, although these intersection cameras cannot provide evidence of who caused your car accident, these cameras offer a bird’s eye view of an intersection so traffic engineers, 911 dispatchers, and law enforcement can easily respond and assist during a traffic problem.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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