Oct 23

Making Clearwater Roads Safer – An Opportunity to be Heard


Making Clearwater roads saferClearwater roads can be safer, and governmental leaders want to know how. According to ABC Action News, over the past five years, there have been 16,897 car accidents in Clearwater alone resulting in 52 people being were killed in those crashes.

Robert Cameron, the owner of Ward’s Seafood Market, knows far too well the intersection of Bellaire Road and Martin Luther King in Clearwater is on top of the city’s radar for the number of drivers colliding. “I’ve seen some really bad crashes. People going through lights, hitting cars and flipping vehicles over,” Cameron tells ABC Action News.

Another Clearwater resident tells ABC Action News of the dangers to bicyclists on Sunset Point Road – one of the Clearwater roads I know well. “You definitely don’t want to be on this street riding your bike because it’s not wide enough,” he says. Yet, he says the sidewalks aren’t much better because many end abruptly forcing riders into the street or have low hanging vegetation which makes it tough to navigate. I know that for a fact because I represent someone who sustained serious broken bones because of vegetation impeding the sidewalk as he rode his bike.

Clearwater leaders want your help identifying flaws on Clearwater roads that put you and your family at risk of a car accident or other accident. Getting involved may make a difference. It did lead to changes on Drew Street after hundreds of people approached the city begging for help. Drew Street will soon be changed to three lanes in some sections, will have new turn lanes and wider bike lanes.

Clearwater leaders hope with your feedback, they’ll be able to make changes along dozens of Clearwater roads. If you have suggestions to make Clearwater roads safer, you can meet with city leaders tonight from 6-8 p.m. at the Countryside Library. You can also fill out an online survey here.


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