Aug 20

Making Gulf Boulevard Safer for Pedestrians


Gulf Boulevard may be great for tourists, but it is dangerous for pedestrians. There were more than 450 crashes along Gulf Boulevard from 2011-2015, according to Forward Pinellas. Now, Pinellas County may be taking steps to make it safer to cross Gulf Boulevard.

gulf boulevard crossing the streetABC Action News reports that Forward Pinellas is discussing a possible option to install eight new crosswalks along Gulf Boulevard in Indian Rocks Beach. The crosswalks would be located close to major intersections and several would be put right at beach access points where people naturally want to cross the street. If installed, the crosswalks would have very bright paint so drivers would see the crosswalk from far away, county agenda items said.

According to the report, Forward Pinellas is working to combat traffic deaths on Gulf Boulevard in other ways as well. One of the things they are doing is educating by giving tourists “Walkwise Key To Safety” cards at check-in in their hotels. The cards fit in a hotel key pouch and contain warnings about the dangers of the road and tips to walk defensively and cross safely.

Many of these pedestrian accidents on Gulf Boulevard occur because both the pedestrians and drivers are unfamiliar with the roadway and the area around it. It is a beautiful drive with lots to see while walking or driving. So, anything that can reduce the chances of a pedestrian accident on Gulf Boulevard is good, but careful driving and walking are paramount.

Drive and walk safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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