Aug 21

Men Shocked While Tree Trimming — Workers Compensation Benefits?

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Two men were injured while within the course of their employment after their aluminum ladder made contact with power lines that they were trimming trees in Largo.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, three workers from Happy Palms Tree Service was trimming trees at a home in Largo when two of them, identified as Lance Russel of St. Petersburg and Steve Hansen of Clearwater, were shocked when a ladder they were moving struck power lines above them. One of the workers went into cardiac arrest and the other was “dazed, confused and shaken up” after being shocked. Both men were taken to Largo Medical Center. According to the report, Pinellas sheriff’s officials said Hansen’s injuries were considered life threatening while Russel’s were not.

Assuming there is workers’ compensation coverage (all companies with more than 3 employees [1 in the construction industry] are required to carry workers’ compensation), these workers would be entitled to medical care with a doctor appointed by the workers’ compensation carrier as well as wages (indemnity) during the time the workers’ compensation doctor has them out of work or on restricted duty. Sounds simple, but it is not. There are many responsibilities an injured worker has in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits and many nuances of the workers’ compensation that most workers wouldn’t know how to obtain. Thus, it is important that if you or a friend or family member is injured at work, they should talk with an attorney who understands Florida’s workers’ compensation law.

I wish these men a speedy recovery and encourage all to be safe on the job!


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