Jan 31

More Profits for Allstate Insurance Company



According to Bloomberg.com, Allstate Corp., the largest publicly traded home and auto insurer in the U.S., said fourth-quarter profit rose 17 percent. Net income increased to $1.21 billion–not thousands or millions, but BILLION. Allstate is not alone, Progressive Corp., the third-largest U.S. car insurer, had a 42 percent increase in fourth-quarter profit to $400.9 million.

For insurance companies to have such high profits, they must be doing one of two things–taking in too much money (our premiums are too high) or not paying out on claims. I am sure that everyone will agree that insurance premiums are too high. However, not enough people know about the battle an injured person has after a Florida car accident. Being in the personal injury business for nearly 20 years now, I have seen many good people have to fight so hard for proper compensation from insurance companies after a car accident.

Insurance companies fail to appreciate how a car accident effects a person. They simply see a claim as a pile of medical records, lost wage documentation, and photographs of property damage. Some companies punch information into a computer to determine the value of a claim. They fail to take into account the devastation a car accident can have on one’s life–the inability for a mother to carry her child; or a father to play-wrestle with his son; the cancellation of plans because of injuries or headaches caused by a car accident; the mental anguish of thinking of the now-uncertain future because of limitations and restrictions. Most insurance companies ignore the loss of being able to enjoy the sports an injured person once did; the frustration of having to attend doctor appointments; the fear that twisting the wrong way will result in a sleepless night.

The insurance companies need to focus on people, not on profit!! Billions of dollars of profit in one quarter is ludicrous when you and I are paying high insurance premiums and so many people are not being properly compensated after a Florida car accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida, you need someone on your side who will let the insurance companies know that your injuries and the effects they have on your entire family cannot be punched into a computer to spit out a number. You need someone who will fight for you as a person, not as a file. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has been fighting for those injured in Florida car accidents for over 52 years. He and his firm are dedicated to your voice in the legal system that too often allows insurance companies to profit greatly while those injured continue to suffer.

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