Apr 4

Motorcycle Accident Caused by 100-Year-Old Driver

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A motorcyclist is in critical condition after a motorcycle/automobile accident reportedly caused a 100-year-old driver.

The 22-year-old motorcyclist, Timothy Soliman, was traveling south on the outside lane of US Hwy 41 on a Suzuki motorcycle when a 100-year-old driver driving a Buick Century turned left directly traveling into the path of Mr. Soliman. The front of the vehicle hit the side of the motorcycle, causing Mr. Soliman to eject from his motorcycle. The 100-year-old driver suffered minor conditions, but the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital and as in critical condition.

How do you know when a person is too old to drive? Here are a few things to consider and things you can do:

  • Look for changes in an elderly person’s driving ability such as driving slower, poor reaction time to lights and signs, more timid about faster drivers, reluctant to drive on the freeway, driving erratically. These could be signs that they should no longer be driving.
  • Listen for any unusual complaints like more tired than usual, not seeing as well, lethargic, hearing seems impaired, etc. Pay attention to his or her behavior around the house. His or her behavior around the house is often indicative of behavior on the road.
  • If you feel that an elderly friend or family member should not be driving, offer to go on little trips to the store or barber shop, the cleaners or movies with them. Observe for yourself their driving skills to note if anything is different.

Taking someone’s freedom of driving away isn’t easy. The most important thing to remember is to be as gentle and caring as possible. Expect them to be angry and rebellious, but it is for their own safety.

Drive safely, but watch out for those who don’t. Taking steps to prevent your elderly friend or family member from getting behind the wheel could result in them staying in your lives longer and could avoid injuries to them and others on the road.


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