Oct 21

Could a Mural Really Reduce the Number of St. Petersburg Car Accidents?


St. Petersburg car accidents happen for a multitude of reason. Many of them happen because drivers are not paying attention to the road. Well, research indicates that at one intersection, St. Petersburg car accidents are down because people are paying attention to the road – the colorful road.

ABC Action News recently reported that a mural painted on the street in downtown St. Petersburg has helped reduce crashes more than 50% in just three years. City leaders tell ABC Action News that looking at crash history for three years before it was installed and three years after crashes went down 73%.

mural that may reduce St. Petersburg car accidentsThe mural is on Central Avenue at 5th Street. It was painted there three years ago for the Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival. Does the mural really reduce St. Petersburg car accidents at that intersection? When comparing the number of car accident at different intersections, crashes a block away without a mural at Central Avenue and 4th Street remained consistent. Maybe the splash of color wakes drivers up resulting in them being more aware of their surroundings.

Other neighborhoods are trying the mural approach to reduce car accidents. In Tampa, the intersection of West Corona St. and South Sterling Ave. was painted to alert drivers since Corona Park is nearby. Since there are no crosswalks or speed bumps near the park, the neighborhood hopes the mural will slow down drivers.

Whatever it takes to reduce car accidents. Decorative color is an added bonus. Let’s hope this street mural continues to reduce St. Petersburg car accidents for years to come.


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