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Fighting for Social Security Disability benefits is a battle.  That is why Attorney Lorrie Robinson and I wrote this social security disability book – A Guide to the Battle for Social Security Disability Benefits.  Our book sells for $16.95 plus postage, but we will send it to you for FREE if you act NOW!

No one should try to fight for benefits alone.  This Social Security Disability book will provide insight as to the process of obtaining SSD benefits as well as give direction on what an applicant should do during the process.

Social Security Disability BookWe are proud to represent those fighting for Social Security Disability benefits. If you would like us to assist you or a loved one in the battle for social security disability benefits, please call us at 727-796-8282 or simply complete the form below.  Even if you do not wish our representation, we welcome you to receive a FREE copy of the of our Social Security Disability book – A Guide to the Battle for Social Security Disability Benefits.

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In these books, you will find the following:

Busting the Myths of Social Security Disability

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits The Two-Prong Analysis

  • Work Credit Test

  • Medical Disability Test

  • Meeting a Listing

  • Compassionate Allowances

The Process of Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

  • The Application Process

  • The Initial Decision on Disability

  • Reconsideration

  • Hearing by Administration Law Judge

  • Appeal Process If Denied at Hearing

Is a Lawyer Needed to Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits?

When Should an Attorney Be Hired?

What Does It Cost to Hire An Attorney?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Social Security Disability Benefits

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