Apr 4

New Statistics on Trends for Car Accidents and Work Injuries Released

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Injuries and car accident and work comp accident happen every day. The National Safety Council recently released it latest Injury Facts that shed light on these types of accidents.

Some of the interesting statistics in the National Safety Council’s 2014 edition of Injury Facts are as follows:

1. July was the worst month in 2012 for car accident deaths while February had the lowest number of automobile accident fatalities in 2012.

2. The three-day period around New Year’s Day was the holiday period with the highest percentage of alcohol-impaired driving deaths.

3. The use of cell phones while driving is now estimated to be involved in 26 percent of all car accidents which is an increase from 2011.

4. About 5 percent of car accidents involve texting, while 21 percent involve drivers talking on handheld or hands-free cell phones.

5. In 2012, while the number of deaths of teen occupants in car accident declined, motor vehicle crashes remain the No. 1 cause of death for teens.

6. The most costly lost-time workers’ compensation claims are those involving injuries to the head or central nervous system.

7. The number of elder adult falls has risen 112 percent since 1999.

8. Poisonings, including those from unintentional opioid prescription painkiller overdoses, were the leading cause of death in 18 states and Washington, D.C. The increase in fatalities corresponds with the national increase in deaths from drug poisonings, including those involving prescription painkillers.

9. Unintentional injuries cost more than $790 billion annually.

You can be the safest person on the road and at work. However, as evidenced in the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, there is a strong case of being injured because of the negligence of another.

Drive, ride and work safely, but watch out for others who don’t!


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