Caring for the Clearwater & Tampa Bay Community

Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes Cares About The Community

Helping out those in need is in Attorney Matthew Noyes’ blood.  Not just in the courtroom or in his personal injury law firm, Matthew Noyes gives back to his community in a variety of ways.

Noyes Family FoundationNoyes Family Foundation

Attorney Matthew Noyes is the founder and president of his family’s charitable foundation – The Noyes Family Foundation.  

After the passing of both parents, the Noyes 11 children wanted to put what their parents taught to good use.  Family was always important in the Noyes homes.  Giving back to others was a life lesson.

As a result, in honor of their matriarch’s November birthday, the Noyes children began Operation Stone Soup in 2003 — an event that promotes both family and giving.  Each Thanksgiving, the Noyes family would buy all the ingredients for a big family Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey, and give a care basket to less fortunate families.  The number of families that received these care baskets depended on how old Mary Noyes would have been on her November birthday.  Since she passed away when she was 75 years old, seventy-five families received the Noyes family care basket.  In 2018, Mary Noyes would have turned 90 years old so this Thanksgiving, the Noyes Family Foundation will be helping 90 families have a blessed Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition to annual Thanksgiving dinners, the Noyes family has carried on the “giving back” philosophy by promoting education and providing scholarships in memory of their mom. Mary Noyes taught music at St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School in Clearwater, Florida for 26 years.  There she taught some of her children and grandchildren.  Stan Noyes was an avid musician and could play just about any instrument.  The Noyes Family Foundation hopes to carry on giving back through music and education scholarships.

To see how the Noyes Family Foundation has given back to the community, visit the Foundation’s website here.


Spotlighting Local Community Heroes

Treasures newsletter Spotlighting good people in communityAfter being in the Clearwater & Tampa Bay community for more than 40 years, Attorney Matthew Noyes has met and interacted with my special people in our community.  Whether it a special teacher, a special person in law enforcement, a special student, or a special small business owner, these people keep our community great.  

These local heroes sometimes do not get the praise they deserve.  Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes tries to spotlight a few of them every other month in his Treasures newsletters.  In addition to spotlighting them, Attorney Noyes presents the heroes with a token of his appreciation for making the community better.

To read about some of these local community heroes, visit Attorney Noyes’ Treasures newsletter page here.



Talking With Community Groups About Car Accident Prevention

Attorney Matthew Noyes talking to community groups.Attorney Matthew Noyes enjoys talking with community groups about car accident prevention and the law.  Recently,  he had the privilege of being the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Pinellas Park’s luncheon in celebration of Law Day. It is always an honor to talk to such a great group in the community.

Attorney Matthew Noyes guest speaker on legal systemIn addition to community groups, Attorney Matthew Noyes enjoys talking with school children about the safety in the car, on the bicycles, around the pool, and other areas.  Mr. Noyes was a guest speaker in his son’s 7th grade social studies class at St. Cecelia School where he spoke about car accident safety and the legal system.