Jan 21

One Student Killed and Two Students Injured Walking To School and Going Home From School

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school crossingTwo Florida accidents must remind all drivers of the need to watch out for school kids walking to school and walking home from school.

This morning, a 15-year-old Lake Region High School student was killed walking to school across Highway 17 in Polk County, according to TBO.com. The crashed happened on southbound U.S. 17 near the high school in Eagle Lake.

Also, the Orlando Sentinel reports that yesterday two fifth graders at Citrus Elementary School were struck by an SUV on their way home from school in Ocoee (outside of Orlando). One child was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital with brain swelling. Witnesses told police the driver of the SUV was exiting the Walgreens parking lot when he went around vehicles in the exit lane and into the entrance lane. He hopped the curb where the kids were standing with their bicycles on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street, the paper reports. The young girl was thrown several feet onto the street, said Bryant. Charges have not been filed against the driver of the SUV, but police took a blood test from the driver to see if he had any alcohol or drugs in his system.

Sadly, these three families are impacted by their kids being injured or killed. Walking to school should not put our kids at risk! Too many similar accidents happen every day because drivers do not pay enough attention to pedestrians and bicyclists during the before-school and after-school hours.

Today, think about these three families, and even if you do cautiously drive during these hours, give a bit more attention to pedestrians and bicycle riders waking to school or riding their bikes to school.

Drive, walk and ride safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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