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Attorney Matthew Noyes has written three books on the areas of law in which he helps clients.  One book answers the question of whether you need an attorney after a car accident.  Attorney Noyes’ two other books focus on the battle for social security disability benefits.  To get a FREE copy of Attorney Matthew Noyes’ book, simply click here and provide your name and address and the title of the book you wish to receive (for Florida residents only).


Do You Really Need an Attorney After a Car Accident?Book One:  Do You Really Need and Attorney After Your Car Accident?  The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Florida

Table of Contents

The Basics of Car Insurance Claims

Understanding Florida Car Insurance Coverage

What If They Don’t Have Insurance?

How 10 Minutes Could Change Your Life

Who Do I Go To After a Crash?

How Will My Lost Wages Get Paid?

Damages in Car Accident Claims & the Documentation Needed to Prove Them

Presenting Your Claim to the Insurance Company

Negotiating Your Claim Without an Attorney

How Do You Find the Right Attorney?


Social Security Disability Book including cost of living adjustmentBook Two:  A Guide to the Battle for Social Security Disability Benefits

Table of Contents


Busting the Myths of Social Security Disability

Myth: Americans on Social Security Disability Are Receiving FREE Government Benefits

 Myth:  It is Easy to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

 Myth:  Social Security Disability Payments Are Significant

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits  – The Two Prong Analysis

Medical Condition Alone Will Not Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefit

Is The Medical Condition Disabling?

Meeting a Listing

 Compassionate Allowances

 The Process of Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

The Application Process

The Initial Decision on Disability


Hearing By Administration Law Judge

Appeal Process if Denied at Hearing

Is a Lawyer Needed to Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits?

What Attorneys Matthew Noyes & Lorrie Robinson Can Provide

When Should an Attorney Be Hired?

What Does It Cost to Hire An Attorney?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Social Security Disability Benefits

About the Authors


How Social Security Disability Benefits are AwardedBook Three:  How Social Security Disability Benefits are Awarded – Understanding the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process

Table Of Contents


Step One: Are You Employed?

Step Two: Do You Have A Severe Impairment?

Step Three: Do You Meet a Listing?

Step Four: What Is Your Past Relevant Work & Residual Functional Capacity?

Step Five: Can You Do Any Work With Your Residual Functional Capacity?

Meet The Authors