Aug 5

Pedestrian Killed in Hit & Run Parking Accident

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Drivers need to watch out for pedestrians to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, one driver in Zephyrhills failed to do so and struck a pedestrian. To add to the tragedy, the driver fled the scene and the pedestrian died.

According to News Channel 8, the Pasco County hit and run accident happened in the Zephyrhills Plaza parking lot on Sunday. 25-year-old Dane Cody Prater was walking across the Zephyrhills Plaza parking lot when a sports utility vehicle hit him. Mr. Prater died at the scene.

Troopers are asking for the public’s help in solving the case. If you have any information regarding this pedestrian crash, call *FHP (*347).

Parking lots can be dangerous. People walking to their cars and bicyclists are often injured because drivers are looking for open parking spaces. Take the time to be a bit more cautious in a parking lot. It could save a life.


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  1. You really think this was an accident? Just how busy do you think a parking lot in Zephyrhills is at 3:39am on a Sunday morning? Not! Cody was not a little person that you couldn’t see, in fact taller than any average person! Afraid that this is going to end up a 1st degree murder!

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