Mar 18

Pedestrian v. Car Accident Injures Two Sisters in Tampa

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Pedestrian accidents are too common on Tampa Bay streets. This morning reminds us of this.

As two sisters walked to high school together near Hillsborough Avenue and 25th Street, they were struck by a vehicle. According to Fox 13 News, the crash resulted in critical condition to one of the sisters. Fox 13 reports that the police aren’t naming the girls yet, but it is believed that they were 14 and 15 years old and were walking to Middleton High School.

Drivers need to always be alert of pedestrians around them. Look ahead and if there is a pedestrian, continue to watch that pedestrian as you pass them. Remember, they don’t have the protection of a car if they are involved in an accident. Thus, it is important that all drivers pay added attention to walkers.

The Florida weather this time of year is beautiful. There will be students walking to school; students walking home from school; and others enjoying the weather and added daylight hours by taking a stroll. Drivers have a duty to be on heightened alert for these walkers to prevent tragedies.


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