Nov 23

How I Was Thrown Into Personal Injury Law 35 Years Ago Today


my car accident that throw me into personal injuryI was 16 years old. My Dad had just given me a check for my high school class ring and I swiftly picked out a few polish sausages and sauerkraut from my Mom’s cast steel pan (also used as my sister’s Barbie pool) as I headed out the door to get to my job at McDonald’s. I stopped at the traffic light at Haines Bayshore and U.S. 19 and waited for my light to turn green. When it did, I proceeded to make my turn when I was struck by a woman who ran the traffic light on U.S. 19. As a result, I broke my hip, tore my rotator cuff, broke a few ribs and collapsed a lung – welcome to the world of personal injury! After about one week in the hospital (including Thanksgiving), I began to learn what many of my clients today experience.

A car accident can impact a person’s life for a long time. Mine allows my hip to tell me in advance when the weather is changing. My accident, with the help of Attorney Tony Granese, also led me to become a personal injury attorney. However, the biggest impact my car accident had on me was showing me the importance of friends and family. How we shouldn’t take friends and family for granted because a careless driver can take them away in a split second. Sadly, I see this in my law practice – a car accident that takes away a spouse, a friend, and even a precious little daughter. Car accidents don’t discriminate. They impact everyone.

So, on this “anniversary” of my being thrown into the personal injury world, let me remind you to appreciate your friends and family (especially as we celebrate Thanksgiving) and drive safely during this busy time on the roads!


Attorney Matthew E. NoyesPersonal Injury Attorney Matthew Noyes represents those injured in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and other types of personal injury matters. He is a named partner at the Tampa Bay law firm of Perenich Caulfield Avril Noyes – one of the oldest personal injury law firms in Pinellas County. Call Attorney Matthew Noyes now at 727-796-8282 or complete the form on this page or simply click here to schedule a free case consultation.

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