Oct 19

Phone Apps that Prevent Text Messaging While Driving

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Preventing teenagers (and other drivers) from texting while driving. As part of our focus on Teen Driver Safety Week, let’s look at some apps that can block text messaging while driving.

One of applications that can prevent car accidents caused by text messaging is the SMSReplier app. When you are driving above 15 miles an hour and receive an email or text message, the phone sends a reply like this: “I’m currently operating a vehicle. Is it okay if I text you when I get off the road?”

Another application, Drivesafe.ly, reads texts and messages to you so you don’t have to look at your phone. I personally used this on my Blackberry was not overly impressed with this application.

A third one, iZup, works with your phone’s GPS system. It can tell when you are moving and locks the phone when the vehicle reaches a configurable trigger speed–usually around 5mph. iZup prevents incoming and outgoing phone calls or texts, although it does allow unlimited access to 911 and up to three pre-programmed phone numbers. iZup also has a passenger override, so others in the car can use the phone if the driver knows the password. The system is tamper-proof–which may be important to parents. If the GPS is disabled, parents would be notified. They would also be notified if 911 is dialed. The cost of iZup is $19.95 a year for a single user and $59.95 for a yearly family plan. It is available for most Blackberries, Windows Mobile and Android phones.

Apps like iZup, SMSreplier and Drivesafe.ly are not available for iPhones because Apple does not allow programs that constantly run in the background.

I am sure there are additional applications out there that can prevent car accidents by blocking text messaging while driving. Do your research and take steps to protect the teenagers in your life from serious injuries from a car accident caused by the distraction of text messaging.

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  1. Javier Hoppes 17 Oct 2012 | reply

    “Do your research and take steps to protect the teenagers in your life from serious injuries from a car accident caused by the distraction of text messaging.” You’re right, simple steps like this could do a lot in preventing the loss of life. In addition, just the simple reminder of keeping one’s hands on the wheel should help keep one’s driving on the safe side. As much as possible, refrain from reaching anything while driving.

  2. Ethan Rehman 20 Sep 2012 | reply

    It is, Karolina! There are people who can’t get away from their cell phone to the point of being negligent from driving. So these apps are truly helpful innovations that can help reduce car accidents caused by cases of “texting while driving.” People should always keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel while on the driver’s seat. Doing otherwise may be considered an act of irresponsibility.

  3. Karolina Jeanes 10 Apr 2012 | reply

    Hm. I think this can be a very useful gadget. Something akin to a safety net, no? Still, while this is convenient, you must remember to be personally responsible behind the wheel. It is important to know why you shouldn’t text and drive: because it’s a danger.

  4. Samantha Cole 17 Jan 2012 | reply

    Texting while driving can be very dangerous. The sad thing is that it’s quite tempting to multitask, to read the messages sent to you while you’re in the car. In any case, it makes one thankful to see technology catching on to help prevent a person from texting while driving.

  5. OTTERapp 19 Oct 2010 | reply

    I decided to do something about this after my 3 year old daughter was nearly hit by a texting driver. Instead of a shackle that locks down phones and alienates the user (especially teens), I built a tool called OTTER that is a app for smartphones. OTTER was the first, the most affordable and never has recurring fees. Its an easy way to manage that text & drive temptation…
    Erik Wood
    OTTER app

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