Jan 13

Picking Your Doctor in Workers’ Compensation


When Do You Get to Pick The Doctor in a Florida Work Comp Claim?

If you have a Florida workers’ compensation claim, there are very few times that you have the right to choose the doctor who will examine you. Almost always, you are stuck with the doctor that the insurance company sends you to. Even if you request a change of doctor, the insurance company continues to dictate who you can treat with.

One of the few times you can select a doctor to examine you for your work injury is through a Independent Medical Examination (IME). If you decide to have an IME, you get to choose the doctor to perform the IME. However, as the name indicates, it is simply an examination–it is not for treatment.

It is important to know that if your Florida workers’ compensation injury occurred after October of 2003, the injured worker will be responsible for payment of the IME which can range from $750 to $2,000 unless the workers’ compensation carrier has a managed care program.

Under certain other circumstances, you can choose your doctor if the carrier fails to provide one. However, it is crucial that you follow the procedures or you will be responsible for the payment of the medical bills.

If you feel that the insurance company is preventing you from getting the proper medical care in a Florida workers’ compensation claim, you should contact an attorney who handles Florida workers’ compensation claims. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ Tampa Bay law firm has been representing injured persons for over 52 years. To Contact Attorney Matthew Noyes Regarding Your Florida Work Comp Claim, Simply Click Here.

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