Apr 23

Palm Harbor Car Accident Puts Two in Hospital

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A driver wanting to turn left puts Fabian Calvo in the hospital with serious injuries from a car accident yesterday in Palm Harbor.

Curt L. Ekberg was northbound on County Road 611 when he attempted a left turn onto Tarpon Lake Boulevard. Fabian Calvo was driving southbound on County Road 611 when Ekberg turned in front of him causing the car accident.

According to reports, Mr. Ekberg was listed in critical condition at Bayfront Medical Center and Fabian Calvo was in serious condition at Mease Countryside.

This accident should be a reminder of how many automobile accidents occur when someone is turning. Turing left in front of oncoming traffic is a dangerous thing. You must be patient and cautious. If you think you cannot make it, don’t try it. A few extra minutes of waiting is far better than days, months, years of recovering from a car accident.

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  2. Stephanie-
    The article does not place blame on anyone. It simply states how the car accident occurred and reminds drivers to be safe while making left turns. I, too, wish the best for all involved.

  3. Stephanie 24 Apr 2010 | reply

    This accident is still under investigation. Your post is full of fallacies look up: Fallacy of the single cause, Hasty generalization, Appeal to consequences. I agree, when making a left hand turn we all need to be extra cautious. However, before claiming fault, you should wait untill the investigation is over. I hope for the best for the individuals involved.

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