Oct 29

Prepare Now for a Safe and Fun Halloween


The streets will soon be filled with little ghosts and goblins carrying their pillowcases full of candy. Plan now to prevent disaster later!

Parents, check out your child’s costume. Long costumes are tripping hazards. Use make-up or face paint instead of masks to ensure you child’s vision and breathing are not impaired. For safety on the streets, use reflective tape on those dark costumes to ensure that your child can be easily seen by motorists. Also, to avoid injury, make sure the swords, knives and other accessories are made of flexible material.

Also, remind your kids of the importance of not eating any candies or other treats until they have been looked over by an adult. To ensure your kids aren’t too tempted to snack on their goodies, make sure they have eaten dinner before going treat-or-treating.

Some preparation now could avoid serious injury to your child. Talk to them for the next few days and remind them again before they walk out of the house. It will be worth the hassle!!

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