Nov 26

Preventing Black Friday Parking Lot Car Accidents

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Too many car accidents happen in the parking lots of Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Kmart or the malls—especially on Black Friday (and now Thanksgiving Thursday). Taking a few extra seconds can prevent you or a loved one from being injured in a parking lot car accident or a victim of crime in the parking lots. Here are a few safety tips to prevent an automobile accident or crime this Black Friday and weekend:

1. Assume that all drivers will be looking for parking spaces and not pedestrians. Not all will be, but taking a proactive approach and being prepared for that car that turns right in front of you as you are walking may prevent injuries.

2. Many parking lot car accidents occur when two vehicles are backing out of spaces at the same time. When backing out, do so cautiously and look in all directions. Don’t assume that the other driver will allow you to back out since you started to back out first.

3. The further away from the stores you park, the better. Fighting for a close spot can cause road rage and crazy driving.

To prevent being a victim of a crime, people should do the following:

1. Ladies carry a wristlet and men put your wallet in your front pocket. Leave the big purse at home or in the trunk.

2. Shop with a friend or use the center’s shuttle. If you’re shopping alone ask for a security guard to walk with you to your car or use the shuttle. If no one is available, then wait until a group of people leave and walk with them.

3. Clean out your car. Look into your windows. Do you see anything on the seats or on the floorboard? If so, so will potential thieves. Don’t leave extra check books, cards, address labels, money, electronics, toys, wallets – anything in your car. It all looks tempting to a thief.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Treasure your friends and family on Thursday. Give thanks for all the good in your life and the good that will soon come. Then, on Friday, enjoy the frantic shopping, but do it safely.

Shop safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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