Jul 23

Preventing Car Accidents by Stopping Texting and Emailing in Moving Vehicles

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About 1.56 trillion texts were sent in the USA in 2009, according to CTIA-The Wireless Association. How many of these were sent while the person was driving is unknown. What is known is that distracted driving, including texting while driving, is the number one cause of car accidents.

These types of car accidents can be avoided, and one company is taking steps to do just that. Manage Mobility, a national management and logistics firm for wireless services, recently announced a new partnership agreement with WebSafety, Inc., the leading provider of software solutions that help to prevent incidences of distracted driving, to utilize the company’s CellSafety mobile application which disables texting and emailing in a moving vehicle in order for Manage Mobility’s enterprise, public sector, and government clients to increase their employee safety and significantly reduce operational liability.

WebSafety developed CellSafety in response to the concern over teens texting, and the industry-based software grew out of that, CEO Rowland Day says. “We believe that employers are becoming fully aware of the extension of liability” for crashes caused by employees texting while driving, he says. CellSafety uses proprietary technology to electronically detect when a car is moving at speeds above 10 mph and prohibits the driver’s ability to send or read text and email messages or utilize the phone Web browser. According to the company, CellSafety is the only application that works on all four major wireless carriers and works with the BlackBerry, Android and Symbian wireless operating systems.

According to a report in USATODAY, several applications disable cell phones when a vehicle is moving, preventing texting or surfing the Web. These apps, including iZup, tXtBlocker, ZoomSafer and CellSafety, use a phone’s GPS to determine when a vehicle is moving, and block the ability to text when the car is going faster than 5 or 10 mph. Some apps have opt-out features for passengers. The apps do not work on the iPhone.

This type of technology can prevent a car accident. It can also prevent an employer from being sued when their employee is texting while driving within the course and scope of his employment. It is a win-win situation for all drivers.

Driving can be dangerous even for the best drivers. Adding good and bad drivers using their text messaging devices just exposes us all to more car accidents.

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  1. car accidents are caused by careless and peoples break the rules.

  2. Generally car accidents are caused to carelessness. The main reason for car accidents is just due to the carelessness of the driver. People are now depending upon the use of mobiles which is the basic root of distraction while driving. Due to texting in mobile phones while driving causes accidents. It should be completely banned and a strict punishment should be given to them those who break this rule.

  3. Accidents are quite common now-a-days. There are many reasons for which an accident occurs such as careless driving,use of alcohol, and use of mobile phones while driving. People shouldn’t be using mobile phones while driving. This causes severe accidents.
    The facilitate of using mobiles should be banned.

  4. James Leo 1 Jan 2013 | reply

    It is a much crucial blog post regarding driving safety for all readers.

  5. Injury Lawyer 16 Dec 2012 | reply

    In a survey made in USA we found that approximately around 60% of fatal crashes are happen due to mailing and texts issues, that means using mails and phones while driving may cause fatal crashes as it diverts the attention of any driver. So we should be more attentive while driving and trying to less use of mobile phones and check mails during driving. It offers a safe journey with less risk of fatal crash.

  6. Carol D. 28 Apr 2011 | reply

    Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, it becomes time consuming when we need to stop the car and use the phone. Not knowing that it could cost them their lives. I’ve stopped using the phone when driving especially when I had my child.

  7. home security system 26 Jan 2011 | reply

    I can say it’s a good prevention for disaster.

  8. Maybe some of us will laugh if they hear why some people died or injured due to accidents, because of texting. Yes, texting is a simple activity of teenagers. They want to continue chatting and be updated with their buddies through texting. There’s nothing wrong with it as long it won’t risk your life and even your studies. Never forget that you’re only human and you cannot do all tasks at the same time. Obviously, you’re concentration will be distracted. If those people who are complaining when they’re eyes get blurred while they’re driving, what more for those who are drunk or texting while driving. If you notice that you have symptoms of poor eye sight, better visit an optometrist for treatments to avoid problems while driving. Our life is a gift. We must treasure it. Keep yourself safe by following rules on the road, and the reminders of your parents.

  9. Car Accidents 14 Dec 2010 | reply

    Thanks for explanation. According to my opinion after a car accident When you have sustained injuries for which you were not wholly to blame, if you want compensation claim then you should talk to a specialist car accident lawyer.

  10. no win no fee 29 Nov 2010 | reply

    Car accident is one of the terrible incidents that none could forget!!It just happens in a fraction of secs!!But however there are few compensation claim services which strive hard for thier victims to get them their compensations!

  11. no win no fee 29 Nov 2010 | reply

    Car accident is one of the terrible incidents that none could forget!!It just happens in a fraction of secs!!But however there are few compensation claim services which strive hard for thier victims to get them their compensations!

  12. Car Shipping Quote 15 Sep 2010 | reply

    I wonder if this feature can be disabled if you’re just a passenger in a car? If it was a company wide mandate to use these things and someone took the bus to work, I could see it being a slight inconvenience.

  13. Salvage Car 9 Sep 2010 | reply

    Really stop accidents by this kind of idea.great idea.

  14. Al Lopez 20 Aug 2010 | reply

    I think it’s good that some developers have come up with innovative solutions to fight texting while driving. It’s a dangerous and irresponsible way to drive. In all the texting applications offered on the market, I particularly like Text’nDrive better than the one mentioned in this article for the fact that it reads emails and text messages, and that they list on their website any new texting laws in the U.S. (http://www.textndrive.com/textingwhiledriving.php). A really nice app!!

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