Jan 18

Prince Philip’s Car Accident Raises Question of Too Old to Drive


Car accidents don’t discriminate.  Rich/poor, famous/ unknown, old/young – it doesn’t matter.  An example of this Prince Philip’s car accident yesterday. Also, it also raises the question of when is a person too old to drive.

According to ABC News, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle on Thursday afternoon.  The report states that Norfolk Police were called to the scene near the queen’s Sandringham Estate after a Land Rover and a Kia were involved in a car accident.  97 year old Prince Philip was driving the Landrover that flipped over on its side.  The queen’s husband was uninjured in the accident, the palace said.  The female driver of the Kia suffered cuts, and a female passenger sustained an injury to her arm, police said. They both were treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and discharged.

Is Prince Philip too old to drive?

This car accident does raise the question as to whether Prince Phillip or any 97-year-old should be driving.  In Florida, a Florida Class E driver license must be renewed every eight years for residents 79 years old and younger. At age 80, driver licenses must be renewed every six years.  Florida residents who are 80 years of age or older are not eligible to renew their driver license online are required to pass a vision test. The test may be taken at a Florida driver license service center at no additional charge. Customers may also have a Florida-licensed medical doctor, osteopathic physician or an optometrist administer their vision test. Once a customer passes the vision test, they or their doctor must submit the Mature Driver Vision Test form (HSMV 72119 S).

What do you think?  Should there be an age limit for driving?  Is there an age when someone is too old to drive? Would it reduce the chances of being involved in a car accident?

No matter your age, drive safely and watch out for those who


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