May 16

Prom and A Car Accident – A Good Story

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With high school prom and graduation going on, there will likely be many stories of high schoolers causing car accident because of distractions. This story is different.

Recently, 20 Florida teenagers from Western High School in Davie, Florida enjoying a limo ride to their prom put their special night aside to help. Their luxurious ride in their Cadillac Escalade limo came to a screeching stop, literally, as the van in front of their limo lost control and flipped on its side causing a one-car accident.

In their tuxedos and prom dresses, the kids jumped out of their limo and helped pull five adults and two children from the vehicle. According to reports on, prom-goer Peter Kim told NBC Miami that he grabbed a young boy from the overturned van and helped calm the mother. “We laid her down, and we tried to calm her down. She was just panicking, she was in shock,” Kim said. “She was screaming out, ‘Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?’”

After coming to the rescue, the students still made it to prom. Now, that’s a night to remember!

The investigator officers were impressed with the students’ willingness to help. “It was really amazing, because nowadays when people are so willing not to get involved they were ready to get involved,” Sgt. Wysocky said. “All the students and the limo driver should be commended for stopping.”

Great job to these students! This serves as a reminder that there is still good in the world!


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