Apr 9

Protect Others While Protecting Your Pooch

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Anything that keeps dogs out of the driver’s lap while its owner is driving is great with me!! It drives me crazy to see dog owners trying to make turns and drive on busy streets with their dog blocking their view and hand motions.

“About 30,000 accidents a year are caused by pets,” says Lindsay Wood, director of animal training for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colo. “It’s a much safer option to have them restrained.”

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not really a dog-lover. But, I do love what Honda and Toyota are doing it–although I know it is to sell more vans to dog owners and not really for safety.

The new version of the Honda Element is sort of a rolling Ritz-Carlton for dogs. It features a built-in bed in the cargo area, a private electric cooling fan, and a spill-proof water bowl. But, what I like is the mesh net to keep animals separated from people. Rubber floor mats are embellished with a dog-bone design look cute as well.

Toyota’s Venza crossover is competing with its own canine-friendly features. The Venza “offers doggy seat mats, barriers and other items designed to make dogs and their owners more comfortable.” Comfortable? What about safe for all drivers on the road?

I know dog owners love their dogs like their own children, but do they let their children climb in their lap while mommy or daddy are driving. Do they let their children tromp around the car sticking their heads out the window? I don’t think so.

If you’re a pet owner, protect you, your dog, and everyone else on the road by securing your pet–just like your child!

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