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Reaching MMI in Florida Work Comp



Eventually, whether you agree or disagree, you will be placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) after a Florida workers’ compensation accident. In fact, the law states that your doctor is required to place you at MMI on or before two-years after your Florida work comp injury. Thus, it is important what that means and what effect it has on your case.

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Statute defines “Date of maximum medical improvement” as the “date after which further recovery from, or lasting improvement to, an injury or disease can no longer reasonably be anticipated, based upon reasonable medical probability.”

It is important to know that nothing in the definition states that reaching MMI means that you are healed from your work injuries. It simply means you are as good as you’re going to get from the injuries. Further, it does not mean that you do not continued care. In fact, in most situations, without continued care, you will fall off the plateau of MMI and require more aggressive treatment.

However, reaching MMI has great effects on your Florida workers’ compensation claim. First of all, after MMI, you are required to pay a $10 co-payment to your authorized treating doctors. Secondly, any temporary wage benefits end once you reach Maximum Medical Improvement–whether or not you are able to return to work. Thirdly, the impairment rating assigned after reaching MMI determines your entitlement to Impairment Benefits.

Once you reach Maximum Medical Improvement, you and the insurance company may be in a position to discuss closing your workers’ compensation claim for a lump sum of money. Before you have any discussions with the insurance company regarding settling your Florida workers’ compensation claim, you should discuss your rights with a lawyer who handles workers’ compensation claim. Attorney Matthew Noyes’ law firm has represented injured workers throughout Florida for over 52 years. To Contact Attorney Matthew Noyes About Your Florida Work Comp Claim, Simply Click Here.

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