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Recent Study Supports Chiropractic Care in Workers’ Compensation

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My clients and I have been saying it for years, but workers’ compensation chooses to ignore it. Now, a recent study conducted by medical and healthcare professionals outside the chiropractic profession concludes chiropractic care to be more effective for common, work-related, low back pain, when compared to treatment by a physical therapist or physician. Overall, chiropractic patients illustrated lower medical expenses, fewer disability recurrences and shorter initial periods of disability.

Florida workers’ compensation law caps chiropractic care at 24 treatments or 12 weeks from the date of the first chiropractic treatment, whichever comes first, but has no limit on the number of injections, prescription medication or other forms of care under workers’ compensation.

In the study, researchers compared disability episodes across types of healthcare providers who treat claimants with new episodes of work-related lower back pain. After an analysis of 894 workers’ compensation cases, it was concluded that the preventive healthcare, predominantly and explicitly recommended by chiropractic doctors, is associated with lower disability recurrences. In this study, a recurrent disability is defined as the resumption of at least 15 consecutive days of temporary total disability payments following the health maintenance stage — the period following a patient’s recovery and restoration of optimal health.

Ten percent of patients experienced recurrent disability due to lower back pain between initial disabilities and the subsequent return-to-work or healthcare phase. The study concluded that those treated mostly by chiropractors showed consistently better outcomes, less use of opioids, and had fewer surgeries, with overall lower medical expenses.

Even with this study, I don’t expect to see changes in Florida’s workers’ compensation law. No changes will occur until the legislature and big business put the injured worker first when designing a law that takes away rights of the injured worker.

The study can be found at “Health Maintenance Care in Work-Related Low Back Pain and Its Association with Disability Recurrence,” (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011, Vol. 53 Is. 4, p: 396-404)


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  1. Darlene Fanning 4 Jul 2012 | reply

    This motion would be very beneficial to blue-collar workers. Since they use their physical strength to earn a living, chiropractic care would be very viable for them. It would help them maintain a fit-to-work body minus the high cost of medicine.

  2. I was very impressed and felt had to get a valuable experience after reading your article. I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. thanks for sharing.

  3. Rodger Funderberk 29 Nov 2011 | reply

    Well, it’s great to know that chiropractic care can help in the cure of significant diseases and provide lots of health benefits, as shown in studies. Chiropracty has now become “the new black.”

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