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Responsibilities Under Florida’s Work Comp


Injured Workers & Insurance Company’s Responsibilities Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation has set forth the following responsibilities of both the insurance company and the injured worker:

Insurance Company’s Responsibilities

  • To provide medical treatment in a timely fashion.
  • To pay wage benefits on a timely basis.
  • To timely pay medical bills.
  • To timely report workers’ compensation claims to the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Injured Worker’s Responsibilities

  • To contact your supervisor/employer immediately to notify them of your work injury.
  • To provide the insurance company with your personal signature verifying that you have reviewed and understand the mandatory fraud statement. Your benefits shall be suspended if you refuse to provide your signature.
  • To report to to the insurance company any wages from any employment earned.
  • To keep in communication with the claims adjuster.
  • Complete and return forms to the insurance carrier when asked.
  • To keep your appointments with your authorized doctor.
  • To follow your doctor’s treatment plan.
  • To Notify the insurance company of any change to your address.

It is no big surprise that the injured worker has more responsibilities than the insurance company. Too often, an injured worker has so much trouble in getting benefits under Florida’s workers’ compensation system that they simply go without the required benefits.

It is important to know that there is statutory procedure to obtain the benefits that are due and owing under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law. This procedure begins with the proper filing of a Petition for Benefits. If the Petition for Benefits is not completed correctly, it will be rejected by the Judge of Compensation Claims.

If you feel that you are not receiving the benefits that are due and owing, you should contact an attorney who is knowledgeable about Florida’s workers’ compensation law.

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