Apr 11

Sad Day Remembering Death of Teenager



Today, I spent 8 hours in depositions of two wonderful people–the mom and dad of a teenager who died unexpectedly. I won’t go in details about how their only son died, but the sadness and hurt that was evident today in the face and voice of the surviving parents cannot be forgotten.

Any death of a loved one is painful, but no parent should have to bury their own child. Since my first case involving the wrongful death of a child, I will always remember what someone once told me:

When a spouse dies, the surviving spouse is called a widow or widower. When a parent dies, the surviving children are called orphans. But, when a child dies, the pain for the surviving parents is so great that there is no word to describe them.

These parents are great people who cares so much for their son. It is an honor to represent them.

In the past, I represented another set of wonderful parents who had to bury their 5-year-old little girl after a car accident and subsequent medical malpractice. Although the defense attorneys and I have long closed our files, I know these parents continue to suffer every holiday, if not every day.

After a wrongful death, sometimes the only way to get answers to why the child died is to secure an attorney who can take depositions and investigate the claim in great detail. I can assure you, the parents that I have represented weren’t able to get answers until we started taking depositions. I know that this doesn’t bring their child back, but answers can give some closure.

I ask that you think about these parents and say a little prayer for them. Their pain is great. I also urge you to hug your child every morning and night and let them know you love them. You never know when they may be taken from you.

  1. Stephen Schaunt 29 Dec 2011 | reply

    This post makes me ponder how my children see me as their dad. It’s just so sad that these kids had to die due to another’s neglect. My prayers go to the parents of these kids and all the loved ones they left behind.

  2. Cherrie Hagerman 12 Apr 2007 | reply

    How sad this is! As a mom of 2 girls, my heart goes out to these parents.
    I can only imagine the pain and sadness they are experiencing.
    Thanks for helping them.
    I know how you helped me.

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