Feb 16

Safe Driving Apps That Could Save Lives

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safe driving appsThere are safe driving apps, but there are also apps that can encourage reckless driving in the quest to be cool on social media. Just check out this video on ABC Action News showing a reckless driver who was captured on the app SnapChat doing dough nuts in the middle of 66th Street North in Pinellas Park. If you have any information on the driver recorded in Pinellas Park, police ask you call and report it at 727-369-7864 and get this driver off the road.

To reduce the temptation of recording reckless behavior while driving, ABC Action News’ report suggests that parents should install safe driving apps like Eyes Up, MamaBear and The Canary Project on their child’s cellphones. All these safe driving apps block incoming texts, calls and social media access when the car is in motion. These apps can also send driving alerts to parents about speed, and offer other critical information to parents.

The Pinellas Park incident comes just weeks after a fiery crash in Philadelphia that killed three young girls. Family members said the girls were using SnapChat to record their speed at 73 miles an hour. Yes, SnapChat does have a warning before users operate the app to not snap and drive, but safe driving apps that block access to SnapChat for teens while driving is always better.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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